Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass



Our Kensington  30 is a specialist grass well suited to any garden. If you have pets that regularly use the garden, the polyurethane backing will help the speed of drainage and reduce the chances of pet odour.

Kensington 30 has a ‘c’ shaped yarn making it highly resilient to traffic. This along with the high stitch rate makes it our most durable grass. Its durability isn’t its only benefit; it also looks great with its olive shade two tone colouring. A fantastic all-rounder for those who demand the best. Now available in a 5m width to avoid those unnecessary joins!


Mayfair  35 is an extremely unique product. It has an incredibly high thatch which gives the grass a lovely thick feel, this also helps support the grass blades and maintain its natural upright position.

Prima is like no grass you’ve ever felt, it really has to be felt to be fully appreciated! It offers, what can only be described as, a soft gooey feel. This makes the grass perfect to lie on during a hot summer’s day.

Not only does this grass feel brilliant, it looks stunning and will suit any surrounding with its bright lime and dark field mix.


Knightsbridge  40 offers a far more luxurious touch and feel than any other grasses you might have ever experienced. It’s super comfy and will wow any client!

The great amount of bright green coloured yarns mixed with the green and tan thatch on the root zone shape Premium 40, a dense product with a great contemporary look. There’s a reason for its name!