Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration


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protect your home

As we all know, British weather can be unpredictable at best so your roof tiles have to stand the test of time whether it’s raining, snowing or bright sunshine. Over time, these elements can start to affect your roof and make it less water resistant. You may notice algae and moss start to build. As this builds up, it can start to fall into your guttering causing blockages. 

Our specialist coating can prevent these issues by sealing your roof which prevents issues with build up off moss and algae as well as making it watertight.

peace of mind against leakages and damage

  • Prevent moss and algae growth
  • Protect roof tiles
  • Waterproof your roof
  • Protect drainage issues from blocked guttering
  • Keep your roof maintained

Take a look at some examples of roof work and other home improvements in the gallery below.