Composite Doors - The beauty & the benefits

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Composite Doors - The beauty & the benefits

Composite Doors

The Beauty – and The Benefits

If the time has come to update your front door, you’ll be weighing up your options. Many people love the traditional appeal of natural timber. But with ongoing maintenance crucial to keeping a wooden door in tip-top condition so it remains secure and draught-free, as well as ecological considerations to think about, it is no wonder homeowners are looking at alternatives. One of those alternatives is the composite door: a door that looks like wood, but offers a raft of amazing benefits designed to keep you warm, safe and reassured.

The appeal of real wood will never fade. Its natural beauty, with its flowing grain and unique nuances, will always be something to admire.


Natural wood does however have a few drawbacks, particularly when it is exposed to the diverse elements our UK climate tends to throw at it. Sunlight, moisture and extremes of temperature all play a role in weathering timber. So, when it is used to craft the likes of exterior doors, inevitably there is going to be a situation where those doors become weathered over time. And not only do weathered doors lose their aesthetic appeal, they also begin to pose a security risk too.

Timber doors need TLC on a regular basis. Staining and treating is vital if they are to remain strong enough to protect your home. Wood that has become worn over time is far too weak to hold locks in place. Left untreated, eventually a wooden door will become easily penetrable, with little force required. Draughts start to seep through, and outside noise can become an issue with soundproofing diminished.

If you love the look of natural wood, but are keen to ensure your exterior doors remain tough enough to protect your home and all that you value inside of it, there is a solution, and it offers a number of benefits.

Composite doors provide a happy medium, marrying the beauty of hardwood with the robustness and security of modern, durable materials.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors offer the look of traditional wood whilst providing a host of additional benefits. They are crafted from a clever composition of different materials for exceptional warmth and security.

The outer skin of a composite door is made from tough glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and comprises a realistic woodgrain finish.

Here at NG Home Improvements, we have chosen Eurocell composite doors for their exceptional performance and their guarantee-backed quality.

Visit our composite door information page for more details and images.

Why composite doors?

Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive benefits of composite doors.


Composite doors are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. So prams and bicycles, pets and shopping are no longer a match for your front door. In addition, GRP is completely weatherproof against even the harshest of elements. So come rain, hail, snow or heatwave, your door will stay looking its best and will never fail to keep your home safe and secure.


The exterior skin of the composite door will not split or crack and is less susceptible to scratching and denting. What’s more, there will never be any need to paint or varnish it as you would with a timber door.

Energy efficient

Eurocell doors are insulated with a rigid foam core. They are virtually draught proof, retaining up to six times the heat of a timber door, keeping energy bills down. The Eurocell triple seal frame system is designed for outstanding performance for years, keeping draughts and rain out, and warmth in. Glass panels are double or triple glazed for even more heightened energy efficiency.


Eurocell doors come with a 10 year guarantee against swelling, de-lamination and colour loss, and a 25 year guarantee on all stainless steel door furniture.


For the ultimate in security, Eurocell composite doors are fitted with the latest 5-point locking technology, triple seal frames and hardware that is guaranteed for 25 years. The doors are Secured by Design approved, a police initiative that aims to ‘design out crime’ with physical security.


There is an extensive range of composite door designs available to suit all tastes and property styles. So whether you live amidst a rural setting in a country cottage, or you reside in an ultra-modern city pad, or anything in between, you will find something to love amongst the Eurocell composite door range. Even better, there is the option to design your own composite door, combining your personal choice of style, colour, glass, hardware, weather bars and more. Plus you can opt for different colours on either side of your door. So if you’d love a bright red, green or blue door to warmly welcome visitors from the outside, but would prefer to keep things toned down to white or cream inside, you can!


Whilst the use of timber derived from sustainable sources is of help to our environment and eco-system, composite offers a higher degree of sustainability with a much reduced use of wood.

Want to learn more about composite doors?

Our friendly experts are at your service and ready to guide you through the range of styles available, with expert advice on offer to help you design your perfect composite door. Why not get in touch today and discover the beauty of composite doors?

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